Why be Registered in our Parish?

It is important that you officially register (complete a parish registration form) so that when you require documented information you are more easily identifiable through our parish records. Registration is necessary for all Christian formation programs, marriage preparation and for registering at Catholic schools in the diocese.

All Catholics regularly participating in the liturgy are encouraged to register with their parish community. Simply attending Mass each week does not make one a registered member of Holy Spirit Parish. Serving in ministry is a wonderful way to become acquainted with your parish family and we encourage members to become involved in ministry.

New members may register at any time. You may complete the online registration form found on this page or download and complete the parish registration form and mail or return it via the collection basket, on your next visit. If you are unable to print the form you may request one by e-mailing to parish@holyspirit-tempe-az.org or calling the parish office at (480) 838-7474. You will also find parish registration forms (with a return envelope) in the brochure holders above the water fountains in the Narthex (main entrance of the church).

Register in our Parish